Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s not unusual to have questions about counseling, especially if you’ve never done it before.  Here’s some questions that a lot of people have:

Does counseling really work?

Yes.  Decades of social science research has shown that talk therapy is an effective intervention for most kinds of emotional distress, mental illnesses and relationship problems.  Our own internal research conducted at Deerfield also shows that counseling works.   Can it fix everything?  Of course not.  But it can be a powerful weapon in your fight against depression, can help you improve your relationships and also help focus you on what’s most important in your life too.

Do I have to go to counseling for years for it to work?

Absolutely not.  Most people find some level of relief after only a few sessions, sometimes after only one session.  You’ll get the most out of counseling when you put the most in, though.  That’s why it’s important to always always complete homework given by your therapist.

Wait a minute.  You give homework?

Yes, but it’s not like the homework you got in school.  I’m not going to ask you to write an essay on the Spanish-American War.  Homework in therapy is a way to continue the work you did in your session during the following week.  It keeps your progress moving and helps you get better faster.

Are there any risks to counseling?

Like almost everything else in life, there are risks to counseling.  Richard Rohr once said that, “before the truth sets you free, it tends to make you miserable.”  Feeling worse for a bit before you feel better is a real risk when you start counseling.  At first, it can be tough to talk about things you may have kept buried for so long.  But feeling worse isn’t something that happens to everyone.  It doesn’t even happen to most people, but you should know it could happen.

Great.  I’m ready to do this.  What are your hours?

Deerfield is a very small practice where privacy, comfort and the relationship you build with your therapist are prime concerns.  Caseloads are very small so that highly personalized service can be provided.  Both evening and weekend appointments are available, but only by appointment.  If you’d like to schedule a private consultation just use the contact form to contact us.