When you start counseling, it’s reasonable to ask what can be expected in terms of results.

At Deerfield Counseling, our mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective mental health services possible. An important part of doing that is studying how our clients respond to treatment and measuring the changes they achieve while working with us.

When Deerfield was founded in 2018, we began to measure client outcomes using a simple tool called the Swartz Outcome Scale-10. The Swartz is simple but well studied and valid measure of clinical outcomes that asks clients how they are doing by asking them 10 questions.

The way we’ve studied our clients’ success is simple. We give them a Swartz before treatment begins, ask them to take another after or during treatment, and then we compare those two measures.

A review of data collected from 2018 to 2023 has shown that our clients report a:

  • 23.2% increase in their psychological health.
  • 20.9% increase in their peace of mind.
  • 17.8% increase in their ability to have fun.
  • 15% increase in their hopefulness about the future.
  • 14.7% increase in their interest and excitement about the things in their lives.
  • 12.5% increase in their ability to forgive themselves for failures.
  • 3.0% increase in their confidence that they can manage conflicts with others.
  • 5.8% increase in feeling like their lives are progressing according to expectations.
  • 5% increase in their confidence in their ability to sustain important relationships.
  • No change in their satisfaction about what they can do physically.

This data is current as of June 2023. Outcomes are taken seriously at Deerfield Counseling and improving them is a process that never ends.